Looking for something new?
Are you bored at home, searching for some sort of excitement in your life? Search no further, we know what your searching for. Roller Derby. Roller freaking derby.

“Why is roller derby so great?”
Glad you asked! Roller Derby is fast-paced, skills intensive, fun, and different from every other sport. We skate, race, juke, and hit like hockey players.


“But I’m old / overweight / slow / can’t skate!”
Doesn’t matter. All you have to do is be willing to learn and practice. We will teach you how to skate and how to play. You’ll get to experience that really fulfilling sense of achievement of mastering a new skill as you overcome whatever obstacle has you worried. It’s not an excuse to not play, it’s a challenge. Master it.

“But what am I going to get out of derby?”
Fun. The thrill of Derby is like no other sport. You simultaneously play offense and defense. You evade, hit, and block while communicating with your team and making split second decisions in complex situations. Your actions on the track matter and are rewarded.

Community. You’ll meet diverse and interesting people who’ve walked many different paths before finding their way to derby. It’s easy to make friends playing roller derby.

International Competition. With CRD you have the opportunity to try out for our MRDA Travel Team. There are teams thoughout the US and all over the world who are an email away. If the travel team decides they want to travel to London to take on Southern Discomfort Roller Derby, then it can happen. There’s also the Men’s World Cup.

Fitness. Derby is a high energy game and you’re going to gain endurance, experience cardio benefits, and increased agility and balance. When you play derby, every day is leg day.

Stand out from the crowd! No more boring tales about your slow pitch softball league, amaze your friends with legendary stories of epic skating conquest. Speaking of friends, when you join derby you better be prepared to fill your life with tons of the most awesome guys and gals you will ever meet!

“Isn’t that a chick sport?”
Roller Derby doesn’t care if you’re a man or a woman. The women revived derby and rebuilt it into an aggressive, hard-hitting competition. (Thanks, ladies!) Men’s teams have been growing as the derby community expands and people understand just how much fun this sport is.

“Isn’t that a fake wanna-be wrestling on skates?”join5
Back in the 70’s much of roller derby was staged. Modern roller derby is a legit, dynamic, strategy-filled, and competitive sport.

How You Can Join The Team…

Collision Roller Derby (CRD) holds our basic derby practice, open to beginners and experienced players, at Wheels Fun Park in Durham. (Basic to Advance Skills, CRD led) ($5 per person)

Sundays – 11:00 – 1:00 pm

We also hold a weekly practice on Saturdays in Greensboro (a private warehouse, address provided once we meet you) (Advance Skills and Scrimmage, CRD led) ($10 per practice/$30 per month)

Saturdays – 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm


If it is your first time joining us, we ask you come to a Sunday practice, and
please be sure to check our calendar to be sure the practice time has not changed. The rink has rental skates, if you do not own a pair. We ask you bring a bicycle or skate/hockey helmet. We cannot let you on the floor without one (due to insurance purposes). You will also need other safety gear to start hitting drills if you decide to join the squad.

We have a small collection of loaner gear that you can use until you can get your own, including helmets. We recommend bringing a bandana if you want to use a loaner helmet.

We’re also looking for referees, non-skating officials, and volunteers.

join2If you or anyone you know is interested in skating or helping us out in a non-skating volunteer position, drop us an email at or stop by a Sunday practice.

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