MRDA-150pxCollision Roller Derby (CRD) is North Carolina’s first men’s roller derby team. CRD is also the first NC team to be accepted into the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA). The MRDA is the top level of international competition in men’s roller derby. We invite all skaters to join the team, and gladly welcome any skater to come join our practices. We are from all walks of life and skill levels. Most of us were not skaters before derby. We can teach you how to skate and how to play derby. Derby is first and foremost, a thinking game. You’ve got to be able to see the strategy on the track and react instantly, in concert with your teammates. It’s also about finesse, endurance, strength, agility, speed, and having a damn good time.

OUR MISSION is double edged/two pronged:

  1. We are working to build a MRDA travel team composed of the region’s elite derby players. All skaters from NC and the nearby states are welcome to tryout. The top 20 will be chartered for MRDA competition and be responsible for bringing CRD’s best game to some of the most competitive teams in the world.
  2. We also want to enjoy playing at every opportunity locally and continue to build a thriving local derby community. We partner with nearby leagues, local organizations, and use word of mouth to show people what a great experience derby can offer. Ultimately, we just want people to skate with and against so that we can all have fun and enjoy the competition and challenge that derby provides.